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Birding at Chakki Mod

Chakki Mod is a small village not far from Chandigarh situated on the Chandigarh-Solan Highway. It was on my bucket list for quite a while and so I planned a 1 day trip there on 15 November, 2020. It had been raining for the whole week and there was still heavy cloud cover on that day…

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Egrets are medium to large sized birds, closely related to the Herons (see here) and belong to Ardea or Egretta genera. Similar to their (very) close relatives – Herons – they also have long legs and a long beak. Infact, the actual biological difference between herons and Egrets […]

Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae)

Cormorants are medium to large sized fishers. All the 3 species of Cormorants that are found in India are dark coloured. Some Species have coloured facial skin. The gReat Cormorant has yellow and a white gular patch, the chin is yellow with a patch of white […]

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Spiti Sojourn – Spiti Valley – Part 4 – the Moon Lake – Chandra Taal

On 28 June, 2019, a beautiful day dawned with a promised chill and some overhanging clouds over Kaza. At around 1 in the afternoon, we packed up and began on an amazing journey […]

Birder’s Day Out – Birding at Pong Lake

It was on 29th December, 2019t hat I, finally, got the chance to spend a Day Out Birding at one of my Favourite Birding Locations – pong Lake. I first visited the place in 2015 and till then it has […]

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