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Indian Peafowl male

Rann Roadies – Part 1 – Phillaur to Khichan

Every New Year, I go on road trips to wonderful destinations across India with my family. This New Year 2021, that wonderful destination was Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat! The initial plan was a 14-day road trip covering Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Dholavira and Bhuj. But, since we had to be back by 13th for Lohri, we left Jaisalmer for another trip. Our planning was rather…

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Egrets are medium to large sized birds, closely related to the Herons (see here) and belong to Ardea or Egretta genera. Similar to their (very) close relatives – Herons – they also have long legs and a long beak. Infact, the actual biological difference between herons and Egrets […]

Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae)

Cormorants are medium to large sized fishers. All the 3 species of Cormorants that are found in India are dark coloured. Some Species have coloured facial skin. The gReat Cormorant has yellow and a white gular patch, the chin is yellow with a patch of white […]

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Spiti Sojourn – Spiti Valley – Part 4 – the Moon Lake – Chandra Taal

On 28 June, 2019, a beautiful day dawned with a promised chill and some overhanging clouds over Kaza. At around 1 in the afternoon, we packed up and began on an amazing journey […]

Birder’s Day Out – Birding at Pong Lake

It was on 29th December, 2019t hat I, finally, got the chance to spend a Day Out Birding at one of my Favourite Birding Locations – pong Lake. I first visited the place in 2015 and till then it has […]

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