Ibises (Threskiotnithidae)

Ibises (Threskiotnithidae)

Ibises are large waders with a long bill that is curved downwards. They have long legs and live in plains and wetlands.

The feed on crustaceans and generally are found in large groups. The nests are in high trees where they lay eggs. Most of them have a bald head.

They are monogamous birds, having only one mate at a time. They get highly territorial during nesting.

The 3 Ibises found in India are:-

1. Red-naped Ibis

2. Black-Headed Ibis

3. Glossy Ibis

The Red-naped Ibis the most common of all of them. They are found among the vast wheat or rice cultivation.


The Black-Headed Ibis is also not very rare is a common sighting.

The Glossy Ibis is rarer than the above two but is not really rare.

~Arjun Basandrai

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