Red-naped Ibis

Red-naped Ibis

(Pseudibis papillosa)

Size: (65-70cm): It is a large Ibis.

Area: Resident over much of the region except the Himalayas.

Habitat: Cultivated lands, lakes, riversides, ponds and grasslands.

My two words: It is a large black bird with a blue-green gloss on the wings and tail. In flight shows a white shoulder patch. The head is featherless and has a red caruncle on the top which give this bird its name. It has long legs and a long bill which is curved downwards. This bird has a striking orange-red iris.

This is no sexual dimorphism.

Juveniles are duller and lack the red nape.

There is no fixed breeding season but most birds breed between March to October. They lay 2-4 dull bluish eggs. Both the parents incubate the eggs. The eggs take about 30 days to hatch.


They always mate on trees. They often reuse old nests of Vultures, Eagles or Kites.

The call is a pattern of loud screams which they make during sunrise and sunset.

~Arjun Basandrai

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