Wade in the Water – Birding at Phillaur – Part 7

Wade in the Water – Birding at Phillaur – Part 7

My next Birding Day Out in Phillaur was on 15 December, 2019

The first place I visited was our Local Forest. While exploring the area I noticed a Dead Tree Trunk which was overgrown with Mushrooms. The Sun was just coming out and the light was pretty diffused so I decided to try some artistic frames of the mushrooms.

Just a bit later, a Lesser Whitethroat landed right in front of me but due to direct sunlight, the frames were not very good. Soon, an Oriental White Eye, came and sat on the same tree in front of me, still, the sun was very bright and ruined all opportunities. Other birds present there were Red-breasted Flycatcher female and a White-throated Fantail (which I only heard singing).

Mushrooms on a Log
Red-breasted Flycatcher female

The next stoppage was at Mao Sahib Chhappar. There I finally got the opportunity to make a good photograph of a Common ChiffChaff.

Common Chiffchaff

Other than that, there were no exciting sightings.

Temminick’s Stints
Marsh Sandpiper
Common Redshank
Green Sandpiper

Because I had not got much luck by then, I decided to explore the area where I saw the Indian Eagle Owl on my last trip.

Indian Eagle Owl

And it turned out that it was a good decision because as soon as I entered the field I got the privilege to stare into those fiery-red eyes.

After spending good time with the beast, it was time to say goodbye to him as it was already noon and the lighting was very unfavourable, so staying out in the field didn’t make much sense.

On my return back to home, a group of Scaly-breasted Munia landed on a bush right near my car window. The group consisted of juveniles and adults and a juvenile was cooperative enough to sit a few inches from me and lend me some memorable frames. This was one of my closest encounters with any bird and with this mesmerizing sighting, the trip ended with a Happy Note!!

Scaly-Breasted Munia juvenile
Baby’s Day Out

~Arjun Basandrai

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