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Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 2

Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 2

February was not quite a successful one but I explored many new places which later on proved out to be gifting.

This month birding began on 9th with a visit to the nearby cultivations. I saw only some common species like the Spotted Owlet, Red-naped Ibis and White-tailed Stonechat. But, I could not manage any good photograph.


Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 1

Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 1

Phillaur has a lot of forests and cultivation and is also gifted with the mighty Sutlej which separates Phillaur from Ludhiana. There are more than a hundred species that I have recorded in and around Phillaur including the Eurasian Eagle Owl, Yellow-bellied Prinia and Temminick’s Stint.