Arboreal – Birds that live on trees are said to be arboreal.

Crustaceans – They are a large group in Arthropoda phylum. Eg:- Crabs, Shrimps etc.

Exquisite – Very beautiful.

Gregarious – Birds that live in groups/flocks are said to be gregarious.

Intricate – Small details in a complicated pattern.

Molluscs – They are the second largest phylum in Animalia kingdom. Eg:- Octopus, Squid, Chiton etc.

Nocturnal – Active at night.

Plumage – A bird’s all the feathers collectively are called its plumage.

Plump – Fat and chubby.

Powder down – It is a type of down feathers in which barbules break apart and appear ‘powder’. It is seen in very less number of birds.

Sexual Dimorphism – It is the state when both the sexes of the same species, except the difference in sexual organs, show some kind of difference. It can be of size, plumage etc.

Waders– These are the birds which are found near water. They are generally referred to as ‘shorebirds’.

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