Baya Weaver

Baya Weaver

(Ploceus Philippinus)

img_7259-1(Adult male over its perfectly weaved nest)

Size(15 cm): Baya Weaver is a very small bird with almost the same size as that of a Common House Sparrow. Infact the Female of Baya Weaver is very often confused with the Female of House Sparrows.

Area-Resident all over the entire Indian Subcontinent except parts of Rajasthan and Uttaranchal.

Habitat-Grasslands and scrubs with scattered trees.

My Two Words-Baya Weaver or Bijara, as it is called in most of North India including Punjab is a very interesting and intelligent bird that has been attracting everyone(Literally) not just humans, by the beautifully woven and intricately designed nests.

The Male has a Yellow Crown and Chest which becomes all the more saturated once the breeding season starts, which is generally the beginning of Monsoons in the north of India.

The Weaver Birds Family comes out of Hybernation and starts scouting for a suitable location/tree to build a nest, which more frequently than not, is the nest used the previous year, unless they have been attacked or disturbed by some predator (Bird or Human). If they were not disturbed the previous year The Male Baya Weaver Birds return to the same tree and starts Re-Vamping the old nests, which is rather a very huge gamble. It’s a Gamble because in the Baya-Weaver World, all the Male Birds are Supposed to make/weave the nests and once they are done they put it on display for the Female Birds by hanging outside the nests and puffing their Chests. The Female then selects one nest (and Male) out of all the nests on display and gives the final touches to the nest and thus establishes her authority over that particular nest. When the Male is finally allowed to mate with her she enters the nest only to come out after several months, after the eggs have been laid inside and hatched, once the chicks are strong and good to fly. All this time the male stays out and arranges Food for the Mama Bird and Protect her from the predators, like eagles and hawks, and Scavengers like crows and mynas; who all relish the Weaver eggs.

This is a very interesting arrangement which predates the institution of family and marriage among Humans and these are probably one of the Several examples of “Rule-of-Jungle Principles” that our ancient ancestors based our entire Family System on.

The Weaver Nests are just an exquisite example of intricate construction and design and have been attracting everyone since forever.

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