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Cattle Egret in breeding plumage


Egrets are medium to large sized birds, closely related to the Herons (see here) and belong to Ardea or Egretta genera. Similar to their (very) close relatives – Herons – they also have long legs and a long beak.

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Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae)

Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae)

Cormorants are medium to large sized fishers. All the 3 species of Cormorants that are found in India are dark coloured. Some species have coloured facial skin. The Great Cormorant has yellow and a white gular patch, the chin is yellow with a patch of white skin after yellow.


Spiti Sojourn – Spiti Valley – Part 2 – Entering Spiti

Spiti Sojourn – Spiti Valley – Part 2 – Entering Spiti

The next and the most important and thrilling stage of the trip was entering Spiti Valley…!!!

There were NO bird sightings and ONLY Landscape Photography till we were somewhere near Nako.


The Parakeet Rush – Birding at Phillaur – Part 4

The Parakeet Rush – Birding at Phillaur – Part 4

I had recently observed an Alexandrine Parakeet pair residing in our forest but every time I saw it, I was without the camera. So, on 26th, I went to the forest with the sole motive of photographing the pair.


Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 2

Foresting – Birding at Phillaur – Part 2

February was not quite a successful one but I explored many new places which later on proved out to be gifting.

This month birding began on 9th with a visit to the nearby cultivations. I saw only some common species like the Spotted Owlet, Red-naped Ibis and White-tailed Stonechat. But, I could not manage any good photograph.