Plain Prinia

Plain Prinia

(Prinia inornata)

Size: 13-15 cm

Area: Widespread resident over much of the region except the Himalayas

Habitat: Reedbeds, Scrubland and Dense Vegetation

Description: A very common sighting across much of India. Can be easily spotted around any cultivation, bushy area or even in your backyard.

Like all other Prinias, the Plain Prinia also has a dull above and white below plumage. Adults are grey-brown above with buffy-white below. The supercilium is white.


They have a blackish tip to the pale-red bill and pale-red legs. Breeding birds have a black bill. The wings are short and rounded. The tail is longer in winter and shorter in summer. Winter Plumage is warmer above and buffier below with a long tail.

Non-Breeding Plumage – Note the Pale-Red Bill

There is no sexual dimorphism.

They usually forage singularly, forming pairs only close to the breeding season.

Breeding Plumage – Note the black bill and its mate in the background

Food: Like all other Prinias, the Plain Prinia is an insectivorous bird.

Call: The call is a repetitive jirrt…jirrt…jirrt or tiee…tiee…tiee

IUCN Status: LC – Least Concern

~Arjun Basandrai

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