Graceful Prinia

Graceful Prinia

Graceful Prinia

(Prinia gracilis)

Size: 10-12 cm

Area: Widespread Resident, mainly in North and North-West

Habitat: Wet Areas with Tall Grasslands, Waterside Reedbeds and Scrubland

Graceful Prinia

Description: A rather lesser seen species.

The upper-body is sandy-brown and the underparts, like most other Prinias, is plain-white. The iris is deep-red and the bill is pale overall.


Like its cousins, this one also is a restless forager (maybe a little less restless), foraging in low and dense vegetation.

Both the sexes are similar. Mostly found solitary or in pairs.

Food: The usual Prinia diet – Insects.

Call: Since, like most of its cousins, this one is also more often heard than seen, its call is the best guarantee of its presence. The calls include a trilling breep or a trrrt…trrrt…trrrrrr.

~Ajun Basandrai

3 responses to “Graceful Prinia”

  1. Wow, What an adorable little bird. The red-eye is so beautiful. It looks quite fat, and its wings are a bit small, How fast they can be?


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