Little Heron

Little Heron

(Butorides striata)

Litlle Heron

(Little Heron usually rest on a branch near to water)

Size(44-45cm): It is smaller than the previous Herons.

Area: All India except Himalayas.

Habitat: It can be found in marshes, ponds, lakes and riversides.

My two words: It is a grey and metallic-green bird. They have bluish-grey back and dark green-black crown and forehead. Like the other Herons the crown continues to form a short crest. The throat, chin and middle of throat. The underparts are grey-white. The juveniles tend to be browner above with streaking below.

Like other Herons, it is also quite shy and sits patiently on a low branch near water. Rarely climbs up tree branches.

Little Heron is mostly solitary. It lays 3-5 soft blue eggs. The nest is built near water and not too far high on the ground.


(Little Heron high above on a tree)

They mostly feed on fish and frogs but can get to insects as well.

(Little Heron is a very shy bird)

They are nocturnal, meaning that they are more active during the night as compared to the day.

Little Heron is an easy-to-spot Heron. It is known by many names across the globe- Striated HeronGreen-Backed Heron, Mangrove Heron and of course the Little Heron.

~Arjun Basandrai

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