They are long-legged waders that are found in wetlands. The Ardeidae family with Herons also includes Bitterns and Egrets but here I am going to talk solely about Herons. The main… Continue


Kingfishers are, as the name suggests, master fish-catchers but it is not necessary that all Kingfishers feed solely on fish and other aquatic animals, some like the White-breasted Kingfisher can also…Continue


Barbets are small to medium-sized, pleasantly fat birds. They have a large head and bill. In comparison with other birds, barbets have a bulky bill. They feed mostly on figs and…Continue


Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes. There are two families of owls – Strigidae or True Owls and Tytonidae or Barn Owls. But, in this section we are going to…Continue


Kites (Elaninae and Milvinae)  Kites are medium to large sized birds of prey in the family Accipitridae. They have sharp and strong talons with sharp and hooked beaks which help them…Continue


Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae) Bulbuls are small passerine birds known for their melodious songs. Their neck and wings are short while the tail is longer. Their wings are rounded and the bill is…Continue


Ibises (Threskiotnithidae) Ibises are large waders with a long bill that is curved downwards. They have long legs and live in plains and wetlands. The feed on crustaceans and generally are…Continue


Cormorants (Phalocrocoracidae) Cormorants are medium to large sized fishers. All the 3 species of Cormorants that are found in India are dark coloured. Some species have coloured facial skin. The Great…Continue


Prinias Prinias are small passerine, insectivorous birds which sometimes referred to as Wren-Warblers. Like most Warblers these birds prefer dense bushes and long scrubs due to which they are a nightmare…Continue

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